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michael-tomlin-summer12-0004NEWS! My new leadership book Product Details launched October 10th (2017), and is now available through most major retailers.

This small but powerful book cuts through the noise of so much leadership literature and gets to the heart – the HARD TRUTHS leaders need to know to move their organizations and their careers forward.

Learn the truth about Authentic Leadership, Work-Life Balance, Time Management, the use of Power, the Power of Image, and leading and living by Intentionality. The HARD TRUTH. And much, much more.

Reading HARD TRUTHS is like discussing a work problem over coffee with your mentor – sometimes comfortable and  sometimes               uncomfortable, but always worth it.


SCHEDULE NOW! For HARD TRUTHS LEADERSHIP Seminars, Training, or speaking engagements. You may qualify for a free copy of “HARD TRUTHS” for yourself and your entire leadership team.


DR. MICHAEL TOMLIN ~ Leadership Advisor:

If you suspect slippage in your Message-to-Motivation-to-Mission cycle resulting in sub-optimal productivity, I can help. Simply stated your MISSION, MESSAGE, & MOTIVATION MUST MATCH! I call it the “M – Factor,”  and no one in the Rocky Mountain West or Northwest equals my leadership training program or individual consultation to quietly improve employee focus, productivity and quality of work.

I am pleased to train management and leadership teams, while my services are just as often one-on-one with individual supervisors and managers desiring to improve their competitive and strategic positions in their organizations.

If your productivity is stuck, or your people are stuck, or your career is stuck, let me help.

Contact me anytime for a free discussion of your issues and let me offer some solutions. I am presently accepting appointments for fall and winter 2017-2018 leadership consultation, speaking, and organizational training. All consultations are confidential:

208-871-3617 or


DR. MICHAEL TOMLIN ~ Message Advisor:

Any marketer or political strategist can tell your story. I make your story match your audience, and that is the strategic advantage. I will help you find the words that work and make your message stick.

When it has to be said right – exactly, perfectly, and precisely right send it to me first. You literally cannot afford not to!

  • I edit and advise on language for advocacy and political campaigns
  • I edit or write advocacy position papers
  • I edit and advise on draft legislation
  • I edit policies and policy manuals for clarity and meaning

If it has been written it can be misunderstood – I can fix that!

For almost 40 years I have been studying words and their impact on people and groups – generations, genders, voting blocks, advocacy groups, purchasers and consumers, and the various professions. And for years I have been helping select clients in the northwest with their word choices with the specific purpose of improving their personal, political, or organizational strategic positions. Trust me to help you too. Before your next campaign – marketing, sales, advocacy or political call me first.

No one in the northwest advises select clients like I do. All clients and consultations are confidential.

Always available at 208-871-3617, or